User defined scan destination in DTP other than inBox

My workflow using the ScanSnap scanner is to first go into the group used to store the bill/receipt/whatever that I am about to scan (E.g. group “Visa-LLBean”). I highlight and copy the “name” of an old item currently in that group (like “Visa-LLBean 08-09-12”). After scanning the new item, I past the copied name into the new item’s “name” and edit the part of the text string that needs updating (e.g. to “Visa-LLBean 08-10-12”). The reason for this workflow is to keep the file names consistent.

With DT Pro Ofice, the newly scanned item was added to the current group. That was perfect.

With DT Pro Office ver. 2, the newly scanned file goes into the inBox. I then have to go to that group and drag the file into the destination group, several steps more, adding to the workflow.

Could you have a user preference that determines whether the inBox is used or the current group? Or, when the pop-up window appears after scanning where I then enter a name for the item, could there be a set of radio buttons that let me choose either inBox or current group for the destination? This would simplify the current process in version 2.