User Manual : confusion about Boolean Operator BUT

In the user manual, search operator, p. 229-230,
1- term1 BUT term2: Contains term1 AND term2
2- Example: (Steve NEAR Jobs) AND iMac BUT NOT MacBook OPT Pro

I could not find BUT discussed via google search.

1- do I understand correctly that BUT and AND are the same ?
2- in the example, why is BUT used ?
If I take out the BUT as in (Steve NEAR Jobs) AND iMac NOT MacBook OPT Pro , as far as I understand, I would get the same results. Translated in spoken english I would say but not MacBook, but as a search operator, I would not use BUT. There must be something that I don’t understand.

thank you

Just compatibility to DEVONagent’s search syntax which on its own supports many operators used on the web. That’s all. And of course it’s longer but more readable. All of this is identical:

word1 NOT word2
word1 ANDNOT word2
word1 AND NOT word2
word1 BUT NOT word2
+word1 -word2
word1 & !word2

Choose the one you like the most :slight_smile: