User Manual for Devonshere?

I’m not finding a user manual for Devonshere. I’m not sure what all the buttons do, like the arrows on the top left, and the difference between the grey and white search functions.

What’s the difference between the free downloaded version and the paid? (I’m just using the free download but looking to purchase).

What’s the difference between this product and “easy find”?

Also, is there a manual for devonagent express or lite? (what are the main differences between the two?)



  • There is no difference in the trial and purchased version of DEVONsphere Express, other than the time limit on the trial.

  • There is built-in Help under the Action menu (gear icon) in DEVONsphere Express, DEVONagent Lite, and DEVONagent Express.

  • Regarding differences in DEVONagent…

  • What’s the difference between this product and “easy find”?

EasyFind only searches text-based documents on your machine.
DEVONsphere Express can index other file types, e.g., Word files, and also provide some web search results. DSE can also use See Also to try and point out potentially related documents on the machine.


thanks. not sure how I missed the help via the gear. will check it out!

No worries and you’re welcome :slight_smile: