Using a Dropbox-based sync store on 3 computers

I’ve looked at the sync tutorial, the forum discussions, and tried other searches, but I’m still not understanding if (and then how) to use a sync store to synchronize a DTProOffice database on 3 computers. It’s taken me a while to break my intentions down and compare with other queries on sync store use cases, but they always seem to involve a cascade approach to using a sync store. My situation involves parallel versions of the same database. Also I want to use Dropbox because the computers are not physically near each other and also not on the same network. Also, I don’t have a schedule for syncing–the synchronizing will be, maybe not haphazard, but certainly not on any time-table. I’m the only person using this, at least now and in the foreseeable future.

Let me back up though and explain what I’m trying to do. I get documents from various sources on each computers and I want to assure all are in one ‘research’ DTProOffice database. Now, I add them to the respective global inbox. So, to start, I’d like to assure that all global inboxes have the same content. Depending on my workload, I want to move global inbox material into the respective ‘research’ database when possible. Then I want to sync that computer’s ‘research’ database with the sync store of the research database; then sync that sync store with the other computers’ ‘research’ database.

In other words, as I see it, I’m not preparing a simple cascade of database synchronizations, but I’m syncing two database types instantiated as six databases plus the sync stores. Maybe that’s too complicated–I certainly wish it was easier. My main concern is what happens to divergences between a local database and the sync store. Do documents that don’t exist on the sync store but do in the local database get updated to the sync store? Vice versa, will sync store documents be downloaded if they don’t exist in the local data base? The help description only points to “import a database from a sync store”. I’m not sure if that saves the variations until the 3 databases are synchronized. Finally, I couldn’t see any information about a log of the sync activities, but is it possible to get one?

So I hope my description, idea for the approach, and questions are relatively clear. I’ll sure be glad for any advice, even if that takes a few rounds of questions to understand what I’m setting out to do.

Thanks in advance,

Please start a Support Ticket. Thanks.