Using a searchset on sites which require login does not work - any workaround possible

Hello team,

i’ve been trying to fetch data from a website which is updated daily several times to keep informed about changes which match to my search criteria.

In order to automate this i created a search-set with my login credentials.

For some reason it does not deliver any result. I assume the login does not work.

Is there any workaround to use the login? For example use the built-in webbrowser inside DevonAgent to manually login once a day and then perform the searchset inside it, so that no additional login is required?

The website of interest is some group inside

Any help is appreciated.


Only HTTP logins are supported as that’s actually the only standard that can be automated. If the website doesn’t support this (anymore) then a dedicated plugin would be necessary.

When i manually login into the website in the built-in webbrowser - can this be used by the searchset?

This might work if private browsing is disabled.

Is there any documentation available how to implement a custom plugin for this use case - i won’t hesitate to try this out

See Help > Documentation > Plugin Development.