Using an rtf metadata field to strengthen AI

Does Devonthink’s AI, in addition to document words (and I believe their distribution in sentences), also account for custom metadata? If so, I could help the AI by inserting in a metadata of rtf note type some keywords to “force” the interpretation and the calculations of the AI

Indexed metadata & properties are also used.

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There is no procedure of metrics for what you’re proposing, so “forcing” a behavior is going to likely be a matter of a lot of trial and error and situational. But have at it :slight_smile:

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Inspired by @cgrunenberg’s comment, but opposite of OP:

Is it possible to selectively override this behavior? How is metadata weighted versus note content? What are the best ways to remind me of a quote/idea’s source without biasing See Also results?

These questions are central to a problem I’m encountering with my book notes. I keep my book notes in the same database as my “fleeting thoughts” and “permanent” notes. I want to create the best environment for See Also to help connect what I’m reading to what I’m thinking in cases where the connection is not apparent. On the other hand, I want to maintain information about that quote/note’s origin without biasing the AI towards self-reference.

An example: I currently structure my book notes as, e.g., [Database] > Books Read and Reading > The Prince (Machiavelli, 1531). The notes generally contain an H1 title, a quote block with the source quote, and body text with my thoughts and reflections on the quotation. I’ve thought of some potential approaches to this and would appreciate input on the best way to solve my dilemma:

  1. Custom metadata. This method is what I do right now, but it seems to create self-referential See Also results.
  2. Including traditional quote attribution within the quote block, e.g., (Machiavelli, 32). This method eliminates the custom metadata issue above but creates another problem: 32 is practically meaningless without an ISBN/DOI, and the uniqueness of that identifier may bias the AI.
  3. In the note, preface the quote with something like: “In The Prince, Machiavelli says: [quote].” My response: well… where did he say that?

A philosophical note opinion: I suspect that someone will see this comment, ask me if I’ve heard about Our Lord and Savior Zettelkasten, and remind me that time removes all context from ideas and that I don’t understand an idea until I’ve entirely effaced the source quote from my knowledge base, and all that malarky. I like to keep the quotations because if life has taught me anything, it’s that time adds nuance to ideas.


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