Using Database From External Hard Drive

Hello! Apologies if this has been answered before. I was wondering if it’s possible to save databases on an external hard drive (and not at all on my MacBook) and when connected, use DT3 as if the databases were on my MacBook. I’m trying to save space on the smaller laptop for performance purposes. If this is possible, and I think it is, do I sync normally to the hard drive and then, each time I link it to my laptop, my DT3 program will “read” it and perform as if it had seamless access to the files? Or are there steps to making this happen? The manual talks a lot about linking/syncing multiple Macs so that you can work on your database and files from different machines, but not really about how one machine can access an external hard drive (as if the files were on the machine) when connected.

Sorry for the convoluted question; I’m admittedly tech-illiterate! And, thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

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I have a few databases on an external drive. Nothing special about it. Just make sure you close the database before disconnecting the drive.

Welcome @Jgulledge

Putting the databases on an external drive is fine, but @OttmarKlaas is correct that you should close the databases - and also properly eject the drive - before disconnecting it.

However your discussion about syncing is unrelated. Sync data is not your database. So could you sync to a local sync store on the external drive? Yes. Is that the same as working with your databases from the external drive? No. They are not the same thing.

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Hi Jim (or others),
Sorry to dig up an old thread but I’m glad I found this one as I am having similar issues to OP.

General question: What would be the difference between syncing data and syncing databases through a local sync store vs syncing folders via an SSD and external syncing software (eg Chronosync)?

Specific question: I’d like to sync between 2/3 macs using an external drive (SSD). Up to now I’ve had the DB stored on the SSD and pointed my DT programs (on each Mac) to the SSD, using it while constantly plugged in. I do this because I have a large folder of indexed files from another DB (Zotero) also on the SSD.
But can I theoretically have these DB folders sync to folders on each Mac (with the same path directories) from the SSD? Is this essentially the same as using a DT sync store or is there another option/step I need to consider?
Obviously I would close DB before syncing. Eg, connect SSD, sync folders with sync app, work on DB, close, sync folders to SSD, then begin working on another mac using the same process.

Or is this essentially what the “local sync store” is - basically setting up a syncing operation internally to DT, rather than externally with another program?

Given that I need to sync other programs, I should be using the external method I mentioned above, correct?
I’m happy to continue working with the SSD plugged in, as I have so far. But ideally I’d like to sync so I can run the macs without the SSD constantly plugged in, to prolong its life span.