Using Devon to Go on iPhone for consultation only, not to add or edit files

I was thinking of setting up DTTG to only be able to search/view files - no editing, just as a precaution because I work very little on my iphone except for looking up info, and to avoid having my iphone messing up my Mac database for whatever reason.
1- is this possible. If yes, what is the procedure ?
2- does my reasoning make sense in terms of protecting my DevonThink Mac database?
thank you for your help

This has been discussed here regularly. You could search for “DTTG”, “Sync”, “Bonjour” etc.
There’s also information on these questions in the documentation, I believe.


OK thank you.

Yes, this is feasible. You don’t have to add or edit anything in DEVONthink To Go if you don’t want to. How you interact with your databases is entirely up to you.