Using DEVONAgent For Marketing Research - Need Updated Feature Set 2022 beyond

I have purchased a lot of software since 1981 when I originally got into computer sales. I’ve watched technologies come and go. Now Im a marketer. I love Appsumo marketplace for up and coming SAAS products. In most recent time what is coming to the forefront is AI. This poses some interesting opportunities I think DEVONAgent can entertain. Here is what would make my life of researching a marketing niche easier:

  1. Give me a place to paste text I locate on pages into a white board say on the right side of page. You could include a link and reference to that text ideally.
  2. Allow me in the same place to type my own thoughts about what Im seeing.
  3. If possible, as I collect different pieces of data show a mindmap showing me the links or relationships if there are any.
  4. If possible, show me google suggestions to other searches that may be related to help me to step back and see bigger or google related perspectives.

Finally, consider a tool like DEVONAgent with a dedicated feature set just for marketers.

Thank you for the suggestions! You might have a look at DEVONthink 3 and its possibility to annotate e.g. bookmarks and web documents (see Tools > Inspectors > Annotations & Reminder) and the Tools > Inspector > Document > Links inspector too which shows both outgoing and incoming links.

1 & 2 = You can do this through the browser extensions. You can create a delimeter to automatically separate notes into separate ones automatically (split file) for example “copied website section” } “your ideas”
3 = You can do this through the AI (see also) in DT. It’s not a mindmap, but ranked listing.
4 = This is a multipart problem a) do you want to find something similar to the whole document? Devonsphere might be something you’re interested in. b) Do you want to find some phrase, or word from the text you just copied? There is already a search google button. Just select the text, right click, and search google. c) do you want to search for similar words, phrases in DT? Then select text, right click and click on ‘see related text’ or ‘search selected phrase’.

I thought I’d add these images to show you that you can do a lot more with DT than you think.
One key feature for me is actually having the ability to name files with the same title. I use 0 only because it doesn’t mean anything. I categorize through the tagging system, and then I ‘browse’ my files on a particular topic(s) that I winnow through the tags. This allows me find related ideas quickly that I may not have been intentionally seeking.

You can also create an unsorted view list which in essence lets you ‘outline’ your files in whatever way you see fit.