Using Devonthink for Blog workflow & backup

I have been trying to find which version of Devonthink allows me to back up all my site content, user information, RSS feeds that I track for content, and emails related to the site, such as comments on the site, and email messages from my hosting provider. I currently keep all my digital media(pictures and wordpress backup) in the devonthink personal database, that keeps track of any changes to a folder that I put any information related to the site(PDFs, pics,webarchives,etc).

I use Google Reader to keep track of all my RSS feeds(personal and site related), and any stories that I use on my blog I “share”, and I subscribe to that shared feed via e-mail with feedburner, and have Gmail archive it, so I can go back and look up where I got my story from originally. I also use Gmail to archive my wordpress backups that get emailed to me daily. I would also like to have all e-mails coming in for the blog via Gmail to be put in the database as well. For example, whenever a comment is made on the site, a new user registers, Godaddy sends me a message, etc…The problem with all these different solutions is that they are all over the place and I am relying on Gmail to do most of my backup for me… Not good…And not good when I need to remember where I stored the information I am looking for…

I would like to be able to have all my data in one place. Having all my emails, content, site backup in one place is my goal. How much of it can be done by Devonthink Personal, or do I upgrade to a different version to allow for the flexibility I need?Cheers!

Anyone? Sorry for the bump… :wink:

Given the volume of data you seem to be accumulating, I suspect you will run into the limitations for images and PDFs in DEVONthink Personal. DEVONthink Pro doesn’t limit the number of images/PDFs as does DT Personal.

DEVONthink Pro Office does archive email from several clients, but Gmail may be clumsy at best. I don’t use Gmail and haven’t experimented with it. DEVONthink Pro/Office version 2 may do the job for you, depending on the Quick Look plugin provided by Google. We’ll see.

My one blog folder is only 40Mb so far, as most of the photos I use, I have optimized them for the site. There are about 1,600 items so far in the folder. The RSS articles shouldn’t take up too much room, as I have only posted about 250 times, with only 2 to 3 articles per posting, and they come to me via e-mail in text. My wordpress install is also not too big. I could always forward the blog e-mails and RSS articles to a POP e-mail account in Mail, if Devonthink Pro(or Office) is able to track them. I am not too sure how it manages the emails…

I guess the data I am looking to make a data base for is not too big, but just right now is not in one place…The e-mail is important though, so making that work is important. Which version would be best for that?

DEVONthink Pro Office can handle Pop mailboxes in Mail for email archiving, including attachments and images.

I have been using Pro Office for a few weeks now, and it seems to handle the email import from my IMAP Gmail account fine. It does crash Mail sometimes, but seems to be related to larger quantities of emails. If I do it everyday, then I only have 5-10 to import, and it seems to work fine.

I wonder if there is a way for Devonthink to automatically import emails everyday. If not, doing it manually is not a huge deal…

If DEVONthink provided a way to import your emails via Applescript you could make a daily iCal reminder with a script attached. You should probably make a feature request for this.