Using DEVONthink Item Links In iOS Drafts App

I posted this problem in the Drafts community forum. I thought I might ask the question here as well.

Hiw can I use a DEVONthink item link of a photograph or other note, so that it appears in a Drafts markdown preview?

When I paste a DTTG item link into a markup doc on Drafts (using the ![](pasted link) syntax) the linked (photo) doesn’t appear.

If the link is an online direct url this works fine. I have not found a way, other than in the Drafts link mode, to link to a DTTG item link.

This is the only hole in my workflow at the moment.

Would appreciate any help with this.

The DEVONthink To Go item link just refers to the document but it is not a security-scoped bookmark file:// URL to the actual file on disk. We could provide those URLs but they could easily break. Our item URLs are even cross-platform and work on any computer to which you have synchronized your databases.