Using DevonThink Pro Office as Nuance PaperPort

Hi everyone,

I’m a complete newbie to DevonThink, so apologies in advance for asking what may be basic questions - I have ferreted around a bit & played with the program for a couple of weeks before posting, plus checked the forum, & can’t see anyone else having asked my specific question…

I am a longtime Mac user of PaperPort, having used it for all my paperless office needs since 1995, & I have just transferred all my data over to DevonThink - so far so good!

The reason I’m using DevonThink is that it markets itself as the best alternative to PaperPort; what I’d like to do is initially try to use the program as much like PaperPort as possible, & branch out to OCR & data analysis etc from there.

PaperPort presented itself as a desktop of icons, I then added data each week by importing a folder full of new icons of new data items, & would place each new data item on the relevant icon desktop page before simply splitting & joining the relevant files I was adding data to. Sorry if that sounds complicated, but it was a v simple operation.

I’m trying to find a similar way to operate in DevonThink, but don’t see an easy way to split or join the PDFs without doing so in another program, & don’t see an easy way to present each desktop folder as icons I can easily add to (I see each end folder as icons when choosing icon view, but not the top-level one).

Huge apologies for this sounding so complicated but it really isn’t, so my question boils down to: if DevonThink really is the best way forward for ex-PaperPort users, how would you guys suggest I might go about it?? On the face of it a combination of say PDF Pen & Yep seems more straightforward…

Thank you all in advance for your assistance,