Using Devonthink to archive mail and then deleting the mail within mail

Does anyone use the email archive in DEVONthink Pro to keep a copy of their emails that are no longer actively needed within Mail? For example, I want to have a searchable copy of emails from an old job for reference but do not need them in the Mail app. Please let me know your workflow for this and if there are any significant cons to this before I pull the trigger.

My primary email is Apple Mail, and I access other services
I archive selected email in Devonthink
This is usually the actual .eml file

In Apple mail (Mac/iPad), I move the message to folder Devonthink
An applescript automatically imports the .eml file and deletes the message

A script extracts the sender and assigns as a tag
I manually create groups to collect threads

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I do this, works great. See my workflow link at the end of this other discussion:

Welcome @davin8or

The few things I would suggest are:

  • Create a database specifically for the emails.
  • Archive sub-mailboxes instead of entire mailboxes when possible
  • Don’t leave the email database open when you don’t need it. And that goes for any other database you may have. Having open databases requires more machine resources, especially RAM, so having large, unused databases open is just wasting RAM and CPU cycles. Open them as you need to.

Oh, and use Apple Mail with DEVONthink Pro and don’t forget to enable Full Disk Access and any Automation requests for DEVONthink in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy. And enable the plugin in Apple Mail’s Preferences > General > Manager Plug-ins. :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: