Using "drafts" can you append to a note in DEVONthink

I use drafts as my catchall and have just discovered DEVONthink. I have a daily journal that appends in my current system to the note created.

Is there a URL scheme or similar to be able to do this from drafts into DEVONthink note already created?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Welcome @Colingold

There is an append parameter in DEVONthink To Go’s URL scheme but you’d have to determine how to pass the updated text from Drafts. Otherwise, you’d just keep appending the text repeatedly. But that’s a question for Drafts.

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A variety of DEVONthink actions are available on the Drafts Action Directory:âś“&q=devonthink

Append doesn’t seem to be one, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to remix the examples for your purposes.

A key question is how you’ll determine which note to append to. If it’s always the same, this could be hard coded in. If not, it’ll be tricky.

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The issue I see (and I don’t use Drafts) is there’d need to be a diff of some kind in Drafts to determine the changes. I don’t see any command for that in Drafts.

That’s a fair concern, but Drafts’s paradigm operates on the idea that you ship text from it to other apps, then get rid of the original text in Drafts. So you wouldn’t typically act twice or more on the same file in Drafts.

The URL scheme would be something like:


The {{}} URL-encodes the enclosed text. The [[draft]] shortcode means the full text of the draft will be used in the action.

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Thank you all for the conversation. It was really helpful, what I ended up doing was moving my journal to drafts all day long and then one action at the end of the day to move it to Devonthink. I wouldn’t have gotten there without your assistance. Thank you

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Interesting. I had this issue with Ulysses and Drafts. However my approach was simply to switch to the DEVONthink 3 native sorter note taker: I find that works perfectly. I see what you want to do but I found it confusing and with no purpose really. If something is going into DEVONthink 3 as a note I use the sorter. It is in fact my best thing ever on the 3 upgrade. I use the other apps by the way, hardly Drafts at all now though.


Thanks, I looked at it, I just want a journal/record of each day, like my old Franklin planner days. If I take good enough notes all day, I can leverage search to find the topics by day, as opposed to by note.

Thanks for your idea.