Using dropbox and always get this msg: The database you are trying to open seems to be either in use by another instance of DEVONthink 3

almost daily when I open DevonThink 3 on my m1 Mac mini or m1 MacBook Pro I get the same warning:

The database you are trying to open seems to be either in use by another instance of DEVONthink 3 or has not been closed properly the last time it was used. Press ‘Continue’ to open the database anyway if you are sure it is not in use by another copy of DEVONthink 3.

and then I have to re-add each individual database to devonthink which is getting quite cumbersome

I also use DTTG on my iPhones and iPad

am syncing using dropbox

Where are the databases located in the filesystem? And how was DEVONthink terminated?

databases are in the dropbox Apps folders, and selective sync is switched off. usually happens after a system restart. do I need to quit DEVONthing before restarting?

That’s the cause of your problem. Move the DEVONthink database (which are actually macOS packages) to your local drive. I put mine in ~\DEVONthink. Databases should not be in folders that are synced. See page 12 of the “DEVON Handbook”, 3.8.1 version.

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Indeed databases having a .dtBase2 or .dtsparse extension?

Following up on @rmschne’s comment, this is from the Help > Documentation > In & Out > Sync > Q & A subsection…

thx everyone - so how do I move the databases safely now? we lost power today and so again when restarting DEVONthink, I don’t see any database and the local dropbox Apps folder no longer has the devonthink folder in it

where do I find the pdf that you shared btw?

actually upon checking to see how to move the databases - I misspoke earlier, the databases are actually in ~\Databases so not in the dropbox Apps folder after all!

Unless something about Dropbox not explained as you have mentioned it, DEVONthink did not close completely at some point in the past. as long as it is true no other DEVONthink process running, just press the “continue” button you saw.

this has been discussed here already a number of times.


Good to hear!
That is the advocated and safe location :slight_smile:

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket. Thanks!

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