Using DT as Finder - ish

So one of the things I’m grateful that getting to use DT is finally having me do is rethink my organizational structures and, realistically, the crap I keep and toss.

Is there a setting I can use so that when I drag something from my desktop or another folder in, say, documents into DT, it dosn’t just copy it into DT, but moves it (ie deleting the file from wherever it was before)?

Also, is there a setting I can use to cause files to open in their program. For example, I use Keynote for presentations. There seems to be an “Open with” menu item, but I can’t seem to figure out how to add Keynote to open presentation files.

Thanks in advance!


This is handled by the operating system. Select a file in Finder, press command-I and check the info box. Somewhere near its bottom, there’s „open with“ and „for all similar files“ (off the top of my hat). This setting governs which program DT uses to open this kind of file.

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Hold the Command key when dragging. The + sign will disappear and you will move the file instead of copying it.