Using DT for Historical Research

Hi all–

I’m a History Professor in TN, and always trying to talk my colleagues and grad students (and to a lesser extent undergrads) on the advantages for humanities research generally and and historical research in particular of using DT and other technology innovations.

I’m writing a couple chapters these days to finish my manuscript, and began to extensively utilize DT over the past year or so. As part of trying to evangelize my colleagues, I’ve put up two in a series of posts on how I use DTPO together with a few other mac apps for the specific needs of academic history research and writing.

Any other humanities (or is it humanitarian :laughing: ) academics out there who might be interested, the blog is

Thanks for those blogs. Interesting and well written. Let us know when others appear!


I posted another entry on my devonthink workflow. I’ve also pinned links to all three of the entries at the top of the blog.


Though I’m not a humanities scholar, I do write scientific articles that require some of the elements your posts discuss. Thanks for the succinct discussion on your blog. :smiley:

JRPars- Sure thing. For humanities writing, I reckon those are succinct posts. A science or technical writer probably could have done it with an abstract and a couple of vin diagrams. :laughing:

Since putting the posts up, I’ve been pretty amazed at the breadth of community that uses DT, or finds its way to these forums. I’ve had visits on my site from every continent except Antarctica. A list of countries would inlcude:

Brazil, Peru, Kenya, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Afghanistan, Spain, England, Scotland, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, France, Norway, Iceland, Israel, Austria, Finland, and I’m sure more I’m forgetting.

It is impressive to me what a small, specialized software company aimed at the “niche” users of Macs can bring together.

I’m one of the New Zealand ones! Thanks for the posts - quite interesting to see how fellow academics use DT.