Using DT markdown editor or external markdown editor, and inserting images in markdown

Hi, I’m a newbie to devonthink and markdown. I’m learning to utilize devonthink and markdown for my studies while working with PDFs.

  1. First of all, my first big question is this:
    I’m not sure if it’s okay to use only the markdown editor included with devonthink for studying purposes, or if I should use other markdown editors as well.

  2. the second question is about a problem I encountered while thinking about the above.

(1) For those of you who use devonthink well, when inserting images into markdown, do you insert images in the form of ‘x-devonthink-item://…’ with the image reference as an item link? with the image reference as an Item link.

(2) Or do you set it to automatic and insert the image as a file path (ex:[Image 2024-01-14 212215] (Assets/Image%202024-01-14%20210000.png))?

When I used the ‘x-devonthink-item://…’ format, it seems to have disadvantages of incompatibility, such as not being able to check the image in other markdown editors. However, it seems to have advantages, such as being able to check the link and incoming link of the image and markdown file in devonthink.

The file path format seems to have the advantage of being compatible so that images can be viewed in other markdown editors. However, it seems to have the disadvantage that it is difficult to check link and incoming link in devonthink.

If I can get away with just using the devonthink md editor, I’d like to insert images in the format ‘x-devonthink-item://…’. If it’s better to use it with another markdown editor, I’d like to insert the image in the form of a file path. What would be more effective?

Thank you for your feedback and please excuse my poor English :slight_smile:

A matter of taste. Some people are happy with what DT offers, others need different things and use an external editor.

As to the 2nd question: item links have the disadvantage that they don’t work in other editors (or in the browser!) as they do in DT. Therefore, other link formats might be more useful

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Thank you for your response. I was wondering if there are other link formats that are better to utilize than item links in devonthink, besides inserting images from other editors.

I’m planning on linking around devonthink and was wondering what link formats I should utilize! (I haven’t tried utilizing it directly yet)

If with “linking around DEVONthink”, you mean “linking between documents inside DT”, item links are fine (I think). As long as you mostly want to use your MD files inside DT or on the same machine where DT and your databases are installed.

But keep in mind that they become useless if you use your MD files on another system where DT and/or your databases are not available.

Best to play around with it.

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