Using DTP with multiple computers

Before I left on a business trip, I exported a portion of my database (Using Export as Files and Folders) and then imported it into DT Pro on my laptop.

At the time, I expected this to be a read-only reference, but I’ve ended up adding to it after all.

When I get home, how can I merge the changes – both new files and changes to existing files – back into my main database?

The laptop database was created for this trip and contains only this selection of files. There’s nothing extraneous that I don’t want to send back to the main system.




PS Apologies if this is an FAQ. I didn’t remember seeing it come up, and couldn’t find it in a quick look through the archives.


I suggest using the Tools: History function. That will show you the items on the second DB that you revised during the trip. Export those and import into your primary DB.

There may be better ways to do this via a script.