Using DTPO as a newsgroup reader?

In addition to a number of RSS feeds I’ve been subscribing a few newsgroups such as rec.arts.sf.written (many people know of NGs through the alt. groups).

I’m wondering if it’s currently possible to import a newsgroup into DTPO in order to read those feeds as I do with RSS?

If not currently possible, can you put this into the “future features” bucket?



Not sure what you mean by “import a newsgroup”. If the newsgroup has an RSS feed you should be able to subscribe to and view it in DTP(O), just like any other feeds.

OK, you want detailz, you get detailz.

I use a newsreader called Thoth. To subscribe to a NG I open the full newsgroup list window, scroll through a hundred thousand groups until I see one that strikes my fancy, then I drag 'n drop it onto my Thoth “favorites” pane.

I have no idea what the URLs are of these feeds so I can’t try to import the URL. I did attempt to import the Thoth file that stores my favorites but that didn’t work. I tried to DnD a newsgroup into DTPO and that didn’t work either.

Doing a Google search on rec.arts.sf.written turned up things like Google as web newsgroup readers but no specific URL.

I’m open to suggestions on how to acquire the URL and add it to my feeds.

Look up rec.arts.sf.written in Google

Open the first item found, which will open the group in Google Groups

In the right hand panel click on “About this group”

On the “About this Group” page look for the line that says “Feeds”. There will be a link there for “Latest 15 Messages (RSS)”. Right click and copy that URL.

In DT do Data > New > Feed…

A dialog will open. Give your feed a name. In the URL box, delete “feed//” and paste your URL. It will start with “…” and contain the address of your feed.

Close, then right-click the feed and chose Refresh Feed.

Thanks, korm, for saving me the trouble of writing up how to use Google Groups to do it. :slight_smile:

You can also use the link from Google to make a bookmark in DTPO (instead of a feed). This will give the headlines for all the current items in that feed on one page, instead of individually - as in the list box - with links to the individual articles.

If you wanted to archive the state of a feed on a given day, that page can be turned into a PDF. Useful for feeds you like to follow over a long period for research (or other curious reasons :wink: ), but you don’t want to make a global “Remove Articles” setting that affects all your feeds.

Korm, thanks for all that detailed info. I got it to work just as you described.

Now the problem is Google itself doesn’t provide the feeds that a dedicated newsgroup server such as Newsguy does. I’ll have to bug Newsguy about how to subscribe to feeds not listed in Google.

Thanks for those tips, korm. I’m still relatively new to Google Reader, only since switching to it to continue accessing feeds with NetNewsWire on my iPod touch after the NewsGator Online service shuts down.

Since DTech has been dedicated to supporting DTP(O) RSS I could imagine syncing with Google Reader possibly being worth future consideration, though I don’t personally have any current “need” for that.