Using DTPro, SnapScan in a small law office

We are a small law office. I have just ordered my first snapscan S1500M, and we are considering getting everyone a personal snapscan and using DTPro to scan in all post etc that comes. Yep2 is another alternative.

I was hoping perhaps that there where some good usage tips for scanning in the daily mail. Personally I’d like to stick with DTPro but there certain things that, despite my having pointed them out for years, still have not been implemented and that bother me.

In the future we will likely use Adobe Acorbat for all pdf work so I’m not sure if that will affect the use of DTPro.

Anyway, I look forward to any and all input


For the daily mail I personally would recommend a “Correspondence” database with whatever sub-groups make sense in your workflow. Set DEVONthink Pro Office up in the way that it scans directly to the global inbox.

Then go through the inbox and file everything to whatever sub-group in your Correspondence database it should go. DEVONthink will learn and after a while you should be able to use the classify/see also drawer.

OK Thanks for the tip.
I have just tested my snapscan and it seems to work wonderfully.

Can you figure out how to turn of OCR?

In DTPro preferences uncheck “Convert to searchable pdf” in the OCR tab and that stops DTPro from doing ocr on incoming scans.