Using DTTG on iPad mini

I am thinking of getting a iPad mini to use with DTTG for PDF reading, annotation, and merging back-into my desktop DTP3 database.

Has anyone tried DTTG on a Mini?

What has been your experience?


I retired my Mini 6 because my own presbyopia, not because DTTG didn’t worked fine. I used to read and annotate with an Apple Pencil. The only handicap is battery lasts less than in other iPads. Now my current bed-device is a Samsung Galaxy S9, better screen (and bigger). I use an hybrid combination of indexing in DT/DTTG and use of Android Autosync app to continue with DTTG in my iThings/aThings. I’ve replaced my iPad Pro 12.9 M1 with the Galaxy S9 Ultra, in this case because the screen is a lot of better, has a lot of more stand-by battery life and the stylus is a lot of more integrated into system than Apple Pencil. Apple is Fast & Furious getting behind in tablet technology.