Using DTTG to collect web pages


I’m relatively new to DTTG (no Mac) & would like to know if there’s a preferred way of sharing web pages to DTTG in a format that archives them for offline use and also allows highlighting & note-taking. I don’t really have a preference as to the base format, except that I’d like to be able to combine pages into the same document, at times.



Whether it’s the preferred way I can’t tell you, but personally speaking version 3.1 of DTTG has improved the way I archive webpages as a PDF.

In the webbrowser press the share button (and enable DTTG in the share sheet the first time you use it), choose the DTTG icon, optionally change the filename (default is the page title), choose PDF from the file-options and you’re done.

The PDF can be highlighted, annotated and if required combined with other PDF files in exactly the same that you can highlight, annotate and combine other PDF files.