Using Favourites in the Sorter

Groups in databases can be flagged as Favourites. Once flagged the list of favourites appears at the top of the Sorters navigate list. This is an easy way to drag and drop files into the sorter onto the desired group without having to navigate to the desired group in the database tree.

The option to flag a favourite is available in the Sidebar Navigate pane. Use the context menu to see the Favourite option. Show the Sidebar from the View>Sidebar menu option or the Sidebar icon.


Thanks for the useful tip!

It would be great if the same kind of thing was implemented in “Clip to Devonthink”!

Sorry if I’m being dense, but what am I missing here? All I have in my favorites is a bunch of groups (and subgroups) to use for filing items via the sorter. Sounds like there must be other helpful things to include in favorites that I’m not…?

Nothing lol I thought I was missing something too, I got confused too when I read “flagged”

The point is whatever you favourite, it appears in the sorter to make it easier to drop anything there.

But anyway thanks for the tip for those who didn’t know.

Ah yes, since you’ve been using favourites its quite obvious. I never have until now :slight_smile:, so it was a bit of a discovery for me. And I was trying to come to grips with the change from the DT2 sorter with its trays.

Hi Tom- Hope my comment didn’t sound like I was being a know-it-all! I’ve been using DT for years and still learn new things about it all the time. I’m glad you discovered this feature – and I agree it is very useful. I use groups in favorites – both in the the sorter and the sidebar – ALL the time for organizing stuff I save.

Now that I’ve had a chance to think about it, I realized there are of course other things to put in favorites. Maybe not for the sorter, but making a document you need to frequently use a favorite – lets you quickly jump to it from the sidebar. Probably examples of other uses of favorites.

No problem, hope you didn’t take it the wrong way.

I know Jim was shaking his head lol because of my reply.

The awesome thing about DT there is always a new feature or trick to learn everyday lol

All good. thanks for the reply.

It also emphasised to me that I can get into a workflow pattern and get a bit of tunnel vision. So its good to see others doing things differently.