Using `getRecordWithUuid` to get a smart group fails

Not sure if I’m doing something stupid here. I have a smart group and get its UUID with Copy item link from the context menu. I then use the UUID in a small script

tell application id "DNtp"
	set r to get record with uuid "E18BD315-6DD1-4D0F-AFB2-928B750A786F"
end tell

and get missing value. This is the UUID of the “global” smart group “Create version”, if that matters. I’m not sure how to get at this record otherwise, as it’s probably not associated with a Database object. Or is it?

JFTR: The script doesn’t work either in JavaScript.

Found it out myself. Apparently, getRecordWithUuid does not work with global smart groups. But shouldn’t it?

No. Global smart groups are neither records nor part of any database and are not yet scriptable.