Using Hazel to move folder contents to Devonthink 2 Inbox

I’m using Devonthink 2 (not Pro). I’m trying to set Hazel to move documents I have OCRd w/Acrobat into the Devonthink Inbox. What folder do I tell it to move them into? I can’t seem to find the inbox folder.

Look in the DEVONThink folder in ~/Library/Application Support. It’s the Inbox folder, there. You can put the Inbox in Places in Finder by using Help > Install Add Ons and selecting the install inbox in Finder option.

Just putting it in the Devonthink 2 folder doesn’t put it into the Inbox, it just sits in that folder until I put it into DevonThink.

All I could find for add-ons are the bookmarklets, I don’t see anything for an Inbox for Finder.

The Inbox folder ‘place’ in the Finder is not available in DEVONthink Personal.

Selected items in the Finder can be imported into DEVONthink using the menubar command File > Import > Files & Folders (for which there is a keyboard shortcut) or by dragging the items onto the DEVONthink icon in the Dock.

I know this is an older thread, but it raises a question I hope someone can answer for me. I use a database called Master Database that has its own Inbox. I’ve used the tip in this thread to move files downloaded from various sources (bills in pdf form) to DTP 2, OCR them and delete them. Unfortunately, this leaves the files in the Global Inbox, not in the Inbox of Master Database.

Now, I realize I can just move them manually within DTP 2 from the Global Inbox to my Master DB Inbox, but that reduces the automation a bit.

How can I either move the files directly into the Master Database Inbox (not the Global Inbox), or move the files first into the Global Inbox but then have them moved automatically within DTP 2 from the Global Inbox into the Master Database Inbox?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


You cannot do this without a scripted solution. The Global Inbox is the only group in DEVONthink that has a companion in your filesystem. The Inbox of any other group (and groups themselves) do NOT exist on your filesystem. This means there’s no location to point Hazel at. However, you can make things via Applescript, which Hazel supports.