Using Links in Markdown Documents: wiki-links VS regular item link what are the pros cons

Trying to decide what type of linking I would like to appear in my Markdown documents. I am looking for feedback about the pros and cons of each method. Below is what I have found.


In a Markdown Document

  • they both appear in the markdown presentation document the same way

  • they both have the same options in the contextual menu

  • they both appear in the link inspector

Why you would want to use wiki-link?

  • Easier and more natural when writing

  • new files get created with a template

Why you would want to use Regular Item links

  • even if change the name it will still link

  • wiki-links not working in DTTG this is a big one which I hope will soon be remedied

  • It does not have to reside in the same DB

Unless you’re often creating new documents via WikiLinks, I’d opt for item links.

Thanks, for your input.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: