Using Links in Markdown Documents: wiki-links VS regular item link what are the pros cons

Trying to decide what type of linking I would like to appear in my Markdown documents. I am looking for feedback about the pros and cons of each method. Below is what I have found.


In a Markdown Document

  • they both appear in the markdown presentation document the same way

  • they both have the same options in the contextual menu

  • they both appear in the link inspector

Why you would want to use wiki-link?

  • Easier and more natural when writing

  • new files get created with a template

Why you would want to use Regular Item links

  • even if change the name it will still link

  • wiki-links not working in DTTG this is a big one which I hope will soon be remedied

  • It does not have to reside in the same DB

Unless you’re often creating new documents via WikiLinks, I’d opt for item links.

Thanks, for your input.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I was wondering about this myself and found the necessary answer via this mini thread. As a follow up to the original question, when using item link, as the original post noted, the links still work if you change the name of the linked item. The name of the linked item in the rendered view of the markdown file will however no longer match the changed name of the linked item. You need to change this manually, which is easy given that the link still works. Is there however anyway to automate this so that the name of the linked item automatically updates in the markdown file?

Ah. I found the answer under Tools - Item Links - Update Name of Item Links. Yet another very handy feature.

Glad you found it :slight_smile: