Using Mindmap applications

I’m wondering if there is a mindmapping application that works best with devonthink? I use mindjet mindmanager (Version 7 for macs) and it doesn’t seem to work with cover flow or to preview the document in the 3 pane view. I’m also not sure if the AI recognizes the content within a map?? Is there another mindmap app that would integrate better? Am I right to assume that AI probably doesn’t search contents of mindmap in mind manager?

Just check the word count or the Concordance drawer.

I didn’t try Mindmanager, but I can tell you what’s the experience in 3 other apps:

  • xMind: DTP it doesn’t recognize the file and nothing of its contents is shown.
  • NovaMind: the content of the file is shown, but DTP doesn’t read it.
  • MindNode: content is shown and can be read by DTP. (Amazing, since this is a very simple, easy to use, cheap application. I’m delighted that its format play so well with DTP.) :smiley:

I use Omni Graffle and DTP has no trouble displaying or reading the graffle file or searching its content.

I am using matchware mindview, DT cannot handle these files at all.

OMG it never crossed my mind to index MindNode Pro docs with DTP. WOW. COOL.
THANKS for the heads-up! I use it all the time. I like simple apps. I’m a simpleton. :mrgreen:
They just released a new version, BTW, with cross-linking.

Uhm… something should have gone bad with MindNode Pro, since I cannot see the content of linked documents from DTPO. Maybe they changed the format?


Actually it is the PDF exported by MindNode that can be viewed and indexed by DEVONthink, not the actual MindNode file itself.

Well, it’s the preview view of the mnp doc that I see in dtp. I see the previews just fine - no need to make pdfs.

I’m loving MindNode & NovaMind Pro…

they can both export to OPML which is a convenient way to create a Data structure to build upon in DTPO… (the ultimate would be omnigraffle, and i’ve allready written them about developing support for OPML…)

but the only thing is that Images & Attachments don’t carry over… is this a DT or an OPML limitation?

it would be super sweet if i could create the frameworks within a mindmapping software (since i’m such a visual brainstormer)

and then add to it… thoughts anyone?

OPML doesn’t support embedded artifacts. Look inside your exported MindNode OPML file with TextEdit – the images have been stripped out.