Using other cloud services, e.g., not Dropbox

I’ve downloaded the trial version. Can you tell me if I can use Devonthink with other cloud services like SYNC dot COM? I’m moving out of Dropbox Business subscription except for basic storage.

Does everything have to sync through iCloud or can I use another set up?

Thank you.

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all the supported third party internet sync services listed in the sync settings list, in the DEVONthink Handbook, and in help. Bonjour also a good way when devices on same network.

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Thank you! I appreciate your time. And I’m trying to figure out if Omnifocus makes sense when I already use Alfred and Hazel.

I’ve got a new MacBook Pro and want to get the most out of the power by getting more organized - there’s so much to learn. Lots of fun…

i think you might be on the wrong forum. Omnifocus is elsewhere.

My question is about using them together…but yes, I understand this is for Devonthink.

Glad you’re having fun with it :heart::blush: