Using ScanSnap without their software

I have DT3 standard, although I used to have DT2 office. My question is if I upgrade to DT3Pro can I use my ScanSnap 1300i without having to use the ScanSnap Manager software? In other words, does the Pro version have it’s own scanner interface?
My reason for asking is there is an issue with the ScanSnap software and my iMac. It causes my computer to freeze multiple times every day and I have tried many fixes over months like clean installs and taking the computer to Apple with no success so I am reduced to using Vuescan but would upgrade to DT Pro if it scanned directly from my ScanSnap. I’m guessing it doesn’t but I thought I’d ask. Thanks.

Yes, the Pro edition allows scanning inside DEVONthink. However, Fujitsu doesn’t allow their scanners to be controlled by Image Capture applications, including ours.

Do you have the same freezing issue with ScanSnap Home (instead of Manager) ?

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Thank you. Yes, I did have ScanSnap Home installed when this first happened last summer, but in case I had Manager installed as well I will try just installing Home again. It was very difficult to come to the realization the ScanSnap software was the problem because it came across as a graphics card issue…freezing cursor, then restart a few seconds later.

You’re welcome.
Is this an older machine running an older OS?

No, it is a fairly new 2017iMac running the latest OS. The problem began when I moved to Catalina last year and it took a long time to pinpoint the issue as Scansnap software because I had a lot stuff installed (Wacom drivers, printer drivers, browser extensions, etc.)
The good news is that I installed ScanSnap Home yesterday and so far it is running fine, but I’ll wait a week with no freezing to be confident the issue was with ScanSnap Manager and not Home.
Thank you again for the suggestion!