Using Search in Inspector Menu

When I am reading a document in the view pane and want to search for a specific word or words and use the Search function in the Inspector menu (the one on the right of the screen) it only shows the first or second occurrences found. To see more I have to go up to the Search window and press enter. Then all the ‘finds’ are shown with the relevant ‘findings’ in bold. Seeing all the ‘finds’ is important because they are shown in context and this allows me to find the more relevant material quickly.
WHY do I have to press enter to get this. Why don’t all the finds cascade down the ‘find’ window. Is there some setting I have not used, or a quick key to do this?
Many thanks
Don Spady

A screenshot of the toolbar search options (see popup menu of the search field) would be useful. In addition, what kind of document did you view?

Yeah, more info on this would be helpful.
I’m seeing no issues when searching, say the PDF of the Help…

Thanks for your comments. I am attaching two screenshots. The first one has the earlier time stamp and shows the initial search response, the second one has the ‘full’ search response.
I watched your video and I see that you were in the pdf and then entered the search request. I have many pdf’s that met certain criteria and am going through them one by one with the same search term in the Local search pane. When I go from one pdf

the next one, The search brings up the first find and I need to press ‘return’ to get the rest of the search findings. IF I am in a pdf and enter a NEW search term, then I get the full set of findings immediately. So, the issue lies in going from one pdf to the next WITHOUT changing the search term.

Understood, and @cgrunenberg , this seems like a bug.

If you enter a search term for a document, it finds any hits.
But navigating through the item list doesn’t apply the search to each subsequently selected file.

Only in case of toolbar search results the toolbar search term is automatically applied to the Search inspector. The Search inspector on its own searches only on demand.

Well, if it is a bug I leave it up to you to fix, which I am sure you can do. It is a minor inconvenience and does little in the way to dissuade me of the very great utility of Devonthink.

Thank you for exploring.


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