Using 'settings' in EasyFind

Folks: I am among those appreciating EasyFind 5. But I’ve yet to learn how the Settings drawer is used to restrict the found set.

I want to list every audio file on the computer. So, here’s my setup:

  1. Search Term: * (meaning the file name isn’t relevant)
  2. Popping out the Settings drawer, mp3, aa, aac, aax, aiff, flac, m4a, m4b, m4p, ogg, vox, wav, wma
  3. Location: Local Volumes
  4. Search for: Only Files; Name; Contents
  5. Operator: Boolean+Wildcards
  6. Comparison: Ignore Case
  7. Include: don’t include Package Contents, Invisibles.

My expected result would be a list of every file with one of the file extensions. Making up data, I figured that I’d get this in return:


That was not the result, which included many unwanted results, so I stopped. But what am I doing wrong in this simple application?

The Settings drawer is only used to define which file types are used by the contents search.