using "settings" to open individual projects in se

i am a writer and am always working on multiple manuscripts. (more and more i am using DTP as my original word processor! AND, … like some others, would love to see a DEVONwrite with all the great features of DTP and other more sophisticated, flexible new generation hybrid organizers/mapminders/word processors like smultron, TextMate project, curio, notemind, Voodoopad, et al.)

my question:

is there a (simple, one would hope?) way for me to open an entire project with a click or two? For example, i am currently working on a translation of seneca (let’s call it Project A); a novel with charts, chapters, outlines (Project B); and an essay on medical ethics (Project C) - each with 4 or 5 windows.

i would love to work on Project A, switch to Project B, with all windows of A closing and B opening - all (of A and B) in position i last left them - and then switch to Project C. (i realize one can close and then re-open DTP with this preference but it refers to open windows and positions at closing)

i understand i can do this with separate DTP databases for A and B and C and have done so but am not happy with this solution.

i also realize i could probably do this with scripting but am not facile enough to do so. (i have looked at available DTP scripts in program scripting folder, online scripts, and have looked through this forum for answers.)

i apologize if this is simply answered with available DTP options or has already been answered. like other DTP users, i love DTP but want my (new?) cake and eat it too!


rich ratzan