Using Sorter or Bookmarklet with selected text *and* graphic


When I’m browsing a webpage and don’t want to archive the whole page but only a selection of both text and graphics, is there a bookmarklet or script or other quick method of copying the desired text and image into DT?


There are two DEVONthink Services that are very convenient for a rich text or WebArchive capture of selected text and images.

While viewing a page, select the desired area of text/images and invoke the keystroke for the desired file format - Command-) for rich text, or Command-% for WebArchive.

Note: Firefox doesn’t recognize OS X Services.

Also, in DEVONagent and in the DT browser there are contextual menu options for capture of the selected area as rich text.

Thanks Bill,

What’s Firefox? ;^) I’m invested in Camino, and it doesn’t work either. Rich text is not an option, only plain text is… But these services/keystrokes do work in Safari.

I visit financial blogs and sites that post small versions of images (usually charts) that one must click thru to see larger (and you basically do need to see the larger version to see the detail discussed in the post).

Using Services to capture this information results in the small graphic that links to the larger image as long as you’re online. And this requires Safari I guess.

The best looking and most usable capture into DT for me is to get the text to DT, make Rich text, then click thru to the large image, right click to copy image (drag and drop doesn’t work) and then paste into the RTFD in DT.

Too much work! Ah well, nothing’s perfect. I’ll try applying Safari here and there I guess. Thanks for the quick reply.


I’m using Camino 2.0beta and I have the same problem with RTFs. I don’t know if this is a problem with Camino 2.0 or if it already existed in 1.x.

In any case, what I normally do is import a website bookmark to DTP and then capture the RTF within DTP. (Then I’ll delete the bookmark.)


Ah, good tip for workaround! Guess I should’ve thought of that…

Also it appears that when you click thru the small images, DT’s browser will load the picture into either the database or the browser cache, so it’s available offline. (Don’t know if the cache will dump later but time will tell.)

Cheers, thank you.