Using Spellcheck in Multiple Languages in DT Personal

I am very happy so far with DevonThink Personal; I’m using it to organize citations and notes for my dissertation in philosophy. But my citations and notes come in English, French, and German. Since I make lots of typos, I would like to be able to use the spellcheck feature that underlines misspelled words in red while I type.

As it stands, I can only figure out how to do this for one language chosen globally. So, since the majority of my entries are in English, I’m simply trying to ignore the underlining while I type in French or German. While it works, this is annoying.

Is there any way to associate a specific language with each document created, so that the appropriate dictionary is used to spellcheck it? If not, is this a feature that could be included in an upcoming version of DT, either Personal or Pro (I’d switch to Pro for this feature alone!)?

Thanks for your help.