Using system web-browser as default in DEVONthink?

Hi, guys!

This might be sacrilege in this Forum, but I’ll give it a go anyway: is there a way to tell DEVONthink to always use system default browser in stead of opening web-links in the built-in (DT) browser?

The thing is that I’m not a super-advanced DEVONthink user, so for me, defaulting to the standard browser would be more useful.

DEVONthink (like several Mac applications) provides the internal browser for convenience, to avoid jumping back and forth from an external browser to DEVONthink, and to facilitate the tools available to you when you are viewing a web page internally in DEVONthink: capture the page in various formats, downloading the page, etc.

Any document in DEVONthink can be opened in its external application (i.e., in your Mac’s default browser) by choosing Data > Open With, or using the Open With Default shortcut ⇧⌘O, or by using the toolbar command Open in external editor or viewer.

Personally, I think there would be a lot of unhappy users if every time they clicked a bookmarked page in DEVONthink the default browser opened instead.

Also, web links in a document e.g. PDF can be opened in your default browser by rich-clicking on the link and selecting Open Link in Browser from the contextual menu.

I agree wholeheartedly that we don’t want unhappy users :wink:

If defaulting to system browser means that links to other DEVONthink records (x-devonthink-item://) don’t open in DEVONthink, that is the end of the discussion as far as I am concerned. That won’t fly.

My ‘problem’ is that when I click on links (in a DEVONthink item) to external web-pages, the DT-item “goes away” as the web-page is loading in the same window. I know you can cmd+click to open it in a separate tab, but I’d like to have the source and the linked material side by side and see how they fit together. An external browser would make that easier (in my mind, at least).

See what I mean?

What edition of DEVONthink are you using?

DEVONthink Pro, v.2.9.17.

If you haven’t downloaded it, check out Script menu > More Scripts… and get Open in two windows. (Despite not mentioning use with more than one file, it works with two also. I should know. I wrote it :smiley: )

With one file selected, Command-click the Bookmark you want to see. Then run this script and it will open two windows, one for each file.

Hmm. The requests for having DT open links not in its own browser, but in the system browser (whatever that would be, DT detects it for the context menu) seems to go back at least 8 years now according to this forum.

Is it really so hard to give people choice? What about adding just a setting where you can say, like, for http(s) links if I click on them, always open them in my system browser.

I honestly don’t care if others are so amazingly impressed using a DT as a browser. For me, DT is not a browser. Every single time I see a link e.g. in an archived email, I’m clicking on it, swear, go back, right click, and open in my system browser.

How hard can it really be to give people choice?

Well, we can only provide the option but people have to enable them :smiley: See Preferences > General > Click on links opens them externally

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HAHAHA I’m such an idiot!

Thanks for pointing me to it.

Works perfectly.

Is it really so hard to give people choice?

Following up on @cgrunenberg‘s comment, have you looked at our preferences?? We have given people a ton of options.