Using TAB Key in Markdown Editor


I really appreciate the improvements to the markdown editor implemented in DEVONThink. Another possibility that could be implemented is an improved behaviour of TAB in the markdown editor.

When using, for example, Google Docs (and some markdown editors!) and editing a numbered or itemized list, pressing TAB anywhere on the line moves the item one indent level deeper and SHIFT-TAB moves it back. This is super convenient, especially in conjunction with automatic creation of new items when pressing ENTER (which is already implemented.) Inserting a TAB inside an item is virtually never what one wants, and SHIFT-TAB does nothing at the moment.

I hope the desired behavior is clear. Otherwise, just try pressing TAB and SHIFT-TAB while editing an itemized list in Google Docs.


The request is noted.


This is implemented in 3.8.4. Thank you very much!

You’re welcome.