Using the Apple Pencil in DTTG

Hi. Is there a way to write with the Apple Pencil in iOS 14 in an iPad Pro? It doesn’t seem like it’s possible, but perhaps I’m missing something. I would love to use the Pencil now that the ipad has the Scribble mode.

Thanks for any help!

The Apple Pencil can be used to annotate PDFs in DEVONthink To Go.

For larger handwritten texts I use The handwriting recognition is good and I can export the texts to Devonthink


I’m able to use Scribble mode just fine in any text-editable field.

I have created a blank paged pdf and imported into DT to go. I can write notes on it.

It’s about 20 pages long.


How do you export them to DT3?

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

You choose „Export“ in the menu, then you choose a file format and send it to Devonthink

I use Nebo too, but I find it better to choose the Copy option in the share dialogue and then press the + button on the DTG toolbar. That way I can get it straight into the Group I want rather than the Global Inbox.

Thank you.