Using the Apple Pencil in DTTG

Hi. Is there a way to write with the Apple Pencil in iOS 14 in an iPad Pro? It doesn’t seem like it’s possible, but perhaps I’m missing something. I would love to use the Pencil now that the ipad has the Scribble mode.

Thanks for any help!

The Apple Pencil can be used to annotate PDFs in DEVONthink To Go.

For larger handwritten texts I use The handwriting recognition is good and I can export the texts to Devonthink


I’m able to use Scribble mode just fine in any text-editable field.

I have created a blank paged pdf and imported into DT to go. I can write notes on it.

It’s about 20 pages long.


How do you export them to DT3?

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

You choose „Export“ in the menu, then you choose a file format and send it to Devonthink

I use Nebo too, but I find it better to choose the Copy option in the share dialogue and then press the + button on the DTG toolbar. That way I can get it straight into the Group I want rather than the Global Inbox.

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Thank you.

I use an first generation iPad Pro 12.9 with an Apple Pencil and started testing handwriting with DTTG 3 on some of the PDF templates which are included in DTTG. The responsiveness in DTTG is terrible compared to NEBO or the notes app installed with iPad OS or OneNote. This means: if I write a word in NEBO (or the notes app or OneNote) it is visible at once but has a very big delay until it is displayed while writing it in DTTG. Is there any config setting in DTTG to improve handwriting performance?

No, there is no configuration settings for the Apple Pencil.
We will look and see if we can reproduce any poor behavior.

Thank you very much

I have also noticed a lag when writing into a PDF in DTTG. It starts after one or two sentences. I realized such a lag additionally in PDF viewer. If I remember correctly both apps use the same PDF kit.
In Notability I have never had such a lag.

I use iPad pro 11’’ 2020 version, all apps are up to date.

Just to provide an additional data point, based on the Apple model number guide, I have a 3rd generation iPad Pro 12.9" from 2018. I regularly use DTTG to annotate PDFs and have almost never experienced a lag. The one time in recent memory when I did experience lag while writing (literally the only time I can remember it happening), it was during synchronization and indexing after I had changed a group containing a large number of files, and even then I’m not sure that was the true cause.

Does it get any better if you stop/close all other apps?

just checked it: it does not help.

That was what I experienced: the lag starts after A sentence or so. Another weird thing is: if i draw a square in one go then there is no lag, but if I draw the square like his: left sight, raise pencil, next side, raise pencil and so forth then there is a noticeable lag.

I checked closing all apps too - no effect. After writing with pencil 2 sentences the lag is appr. 1 s. Worst in DTTG, in PDF viewer it is a little bit better. Mostly I write not that much, so I noticed this behaviour late.
I test Goodnotes additionally - no lag at all (same as Notability).
I use a screen protector sheet, but if it has a negative impact then Notability and Goodnotes should show the same.

So you are seeing an issue in PDF Viewer as well?

Was searching for any bugs about this. I have the same issues: An annoying lag that starts after a minute or so of scribbling on a blank PDF from the DTTG Templates. First-gen Pencil + brand new iPad Air.