Using two different Dropbox accounts

I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to use two different Dropbox account and the same sync store.

My usage scenario: I have two different Dropbox account, one that is installed on my desktop at work and one on my lap top/home desktop (privacy reasons). I share some folders between these two accounts to make it possible to easily transfer data to/from work.

When I set up a Dropbox sync store it creates the data folder in the app folder. And it looks like that folder can’t be shared across accounts.

Is there some way of solving this problem?

No, cross-Account syncing is not possible.

What many people don’t realise is that you don’t have to use your primary dropbox account as your DT dropbox sync account. Your dropbox account you designate in DT does not have to be the same dropbox account used by the desktop dropbox app.

This actually turns out to be quite a useful separation. For one it doesn’t clutter up your desktop dropbox folder with files you cant use directly, and secondly it prevents double syncing of your data from DT to dropbox and then back to the desktop app and onto your computer. It also means you can share your DT database with another person through dropbox sync without giving them access to the whole of your dropbox folder (just make sure that you both understand, it should be treated as a read only database).

Setting up a new specific dropbox account for the DT database you want to share should solve jem’s problem. Free dropbox accounts I think are in the region of 2Gb so getting a second (or third one) should do for most people’s needs.


This is the tip of the month!

Eric should highlight this in his blog.

Agreed. Thanks for that tip and clarification, Frederiko.

So I have a question regarding this: If you already have a dropbox sync store you are using, is it also possible using the instructions above to add a new dropbox account (with it’s own unique databases separate from your original dropbox sync store) and share information with the 2nd account without your first dropbox sync store and the data from it being affected?

No. You cannot use two Dropbox accounts with Sync and you cannot Sync across accounts either. This is due to changes Dropbox made to their API mid-2017.