Using VueScan OCR

There has been lots of talk about scanning and OCR. My idea is to use a common package (in my case VueScan) to scan and OCR, with the resulting document appearing in a folder in DTPro

I use VueScan for images, but it does not include OCR software. What do you plan to use for OCR?

Don’t want to nit-pick, but it does :smiley:, and has done for over a year

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In either the Advanced or Easy(?) settings make sure you have “Save to File” and Media=Text selected. Then in the “guided” approach or under “Output” in the advanced there is a checkbox for “OCR text file”

(I’ve actually found this works better than erm… the OCR package I got with a magazine and was at version 7 then but I can’t remember it’s name!!!)


Hey, thanks for letting me know! I don’t use it very often, but now I will.

However, I am beginning to agree with others that the ScanSnap to PDF to DevonThink is a faster way to convert paper files into digital. Once in DT, they become fully readable and searchable.

I only recently discovered that PDF files are now searchable, within either Adobe Reader or Preview, and that you may copy and paste a PDF “text” to any word-processor for editing.

Yeah, the grey-on-grey has lousy contrast. I’ve been underlining links in my posts to make them stand out, same as when hovering the cursor over one.