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Hi folks,

recently I started to work with tags in DTTG and my experience so far is that is pretty hard to insert the necessary tag while clipping. I have a pretty big screen (iphone 7plus) and find it increasingly difficult to type the tags as they appear at the very bottom of the UI.

Were there maybe a consideration to put the tags window higher in the UI somewhere near db selection window? This would allow to select the db and select necessary tags in one go. Right now the middle of the UI (something like 80% of screen) is taken by the text from clipping which is not that helpful for the user as user is already in the clipper and know what he is trying to catch.

Really interesting approach for tags was selected by things3 IOS app. It comes up with a pop-up window which allow for search and also offers a list.

I might imagine that similar UX behaviour in DTTG could be advantageous for the flow.

Personally, I dislike having any controls/menus at the top of the screen as that usually means that I can’t easily create entries with one hand. I can easily reach the tag menu with my thumb when clipping text, and the menu could not be more conveniently located when the keyboard is present. I do agree that the way Things handles tags is very nice.

BTW, this might get more views from DEVONthink to Go users if this is posted in the DEVONthink to Go forum here.

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I believe that the keyboard only pops up once one starts typing a tag. That is what I find very hard to do with tags being down the window.

I guess my use-case is a bit different as it is not about starting in DTTG (e.g. for writing a note) but rather capturing stuff from Safari via the extension. Some of my work-flows runs on tags, so I would love the be able to attach them efficiently while on the go.

Thing does not force you to put in tags, but should you want to you can pull the screen down and the selection window pop up. Which is really neat.

Totally agree re URL in DTTG. I think I never touched it in DTTG. No need.

Agree re Drafts as a great example of UI.

But i think it is important to think in terms of user journeys or use-cases. My initial post is about clipping into devonthink from another app e.g. safari - in that case tags menu is at the bottom of the screen and not in in the middle as suggested in both screenshots above with keyboard activated. I.e. my ask is not about creating a new doc inside the app, although I totally agree with you that a minimalist interface in that user journey. like the one of Drafts / 1writer would be desirable.

My post was about my preference for having the menus in the lower 2/3 of the screen, so that I don’t need two hands or a major shift of my grip to reach the upper top left of the screen. I only posted a screenshot of how it looks with the keyboard activated, as you had already posted one with the keyboard not activated.

In other words, disregard that I posted a screenshot. My preference on the iPhone is to have the ability to activate menus with one hand without shifting my grip, and that’s easily doable now when the menus are in the lower 2/3 of the screen, not easily doable for right handed individuals using apps with menus in the upper-left 1/3 of the screen. I’m not saying your preference is not valid opinion, but that it is not a universally held opinion.

Got to brush up on my native language. I really seriously misunderstood the OP’s meaning here. Deleted the suggestions.