v. 1.7.2 feedback

Thanks for the small things you’ve added to DEVONthink which only gets better and better. The “toggle outline” contextual menu addition is helpful to me and the “new with clipboard” submenu makes the dock menu very useful.

A comment and question.

I am using DT for website editing. I noticed that quote marks in .html files are being displayed in preview mode as "&apos;". Also, after previewing the page, DT saves the .html file with "&apos;" instead of the quote marks you entered. This happens after <PRE> as well as after <P> tags.

What does this line from the notification email message mean? "contents are by default editable in browser windows." Can I now edit files from the browser window in the Note Pad view?

That’s correct. Editing in note pad/outline view is already possible since version 1.7 but this option was not turned on by default.

I hadn’t noticed the new Editable feature before, I looked for it in Preferences and on the Edit menu. Finally, while using the View menu for something else, I stumbled on it. This makes my life much easier – thanks!

Will that behavior be fixed in a future release? Thanks.

Another bug which will be fixed next week by v1.7.3 (actually it’s a limitation of the old HTML engine).

Thanks Shireen.