Variable Interfaces

I am looking for the perfect project/meeting note tool. One thing that I’ve not found is an application that will include the following:

  • Ability to add a TableView (spreadsheet for tabular data) on the fly, or in the middle of a document
  • Ability to add an OutlineView in the middle of regular textual document.

Other times, Just plain ol’ text is what I need.

Oh, and to top things off, the ability to export everything as a single document to share with my PC-Addled colleagues!

Perhaps DT isn’t the application to provide this, but MAN it’s so awesome in the capabilities it already has…

–Tom Ryan

DT Pro will support tabular data (will be possible to view this data as sheets or as forms) but this will be stand-alone items (not inside text documents). However, DT PE/Pro 2.0 will at least support the possibility to collapse/expand passages of rich text documents (should be quite similar to an outline). Finally, version 1.9 will provide plugins to export multiple selected items as one text, RTF(D) or Word document.