Verify and Repair

Hi all,
I typically run Verify and Repair on my databases about once a week. This may not be best practice, but I do it to ensure that I’m not inadvertently backing up a damaged or corrupted database. I run DTPO.

After running V&P, I used to get a message saying, ‘All good here, work away’ - or words to that effect, I don’t recall exactly! Lately, and I think it is since I updated to 2.6.1 but I’m not sure, that message no longer appears. The activity window briefly shows the operation running with the little blue progress bar, but does not tell me whether the database is fine/damaged. The log window shows no information relating to the operation.

Has DTPO now changed the behaviour of the operation to only show a message if there is in fact something wrong with the database? Or have I inadvertently messed with a preference?


No news is good news. The behavior was changed.

Thanks for clarifying Bluefrog, appreciate it.

With DtPO 2.6.1, an empty Activity window remains open after a successful Verify & Repair. I’d rather it auto-closed when there’s nothing displayed there.


IMO there is a set of related UI cleanups that would be useful:

  1. The Activity Window should be merged with Log (two tabs in the same window)
  2. Neither should open unless we call them from the Window menu.
  3. If any case where DEVONthink encounters an error, then an error window should open.
  4. All error windows should have a “do not show this window again” option to dismiss all future instances of this particular error window.
  5. DEVONthink> Preferences > General should have a button to “Reset Error Message Displays” which would undo all cases where the user has dismissed error windows (i.e., all prior instances of case #4)

Yes please. I spend more time than should be necessary managing the Log and Activity windows. korm’s suggestions would go a long way toward improving things.

A different error window than your suggested combined Activity/Log window?

Yes, an error window would appear when an abnormal condition occurred, and the user could decide not to see such windows (check “do not show…”). The Activity/Log window would show normal and abnormal events – whatever of each type of event that the developer thinks one might be interested in seeing – and would appear only when invoked via the Window menu.

Not sure which type of abnormal event errors I’d want in a separate window (with “do not show…” option) vs. just using the Log tab of an Activity/Log window that automatically opens whenever they occur. If they’re important enough to deserve their own window then I’d probably never want to select “do not show…”, missing them until manually opening a Log tab/window (if “Show log automatically” is disabled) where they’d presumably also appear (but still cleared/lost between sessions?). I can’t think of any abnormal events that I don’t want to be immediately notified about.