Verify & Repair to include update of indexed folders?

I would like to make a feature request –

Could “Verify & Repair” also include an update of indexed folders?

I work quite a bit with indexed folders (also with the goal to bring these files to DTTG2) and when I run “Verify & Repair” a few errors are usually reported. Checking the log, I identify the deleted/added files and run an update of indexed files in the listed folders.

It would be nice, if this could be automated as part of the “Verify & Repair” function; also to ensure that all files are synced to DTTG2.

Thank you.

I agree. I’ve suggested the same thing several times over the years. When V&R finds “missing” documents it is almost always because indices were not updated – the file is not truly missing, the index is just out of date. If V&R updated all indices first, then the annoyance of false reports would be avoided.


Yup. An out of date index accounts for probably 90% or more of errors detected by V&R…