Verify & Repair vs Rebuild Database

Hello All,
Out of curiosity: I regularly run Verify & Repair on my databases once a week. I also note there’s an option called Rebuild Database. As part of my weekly routine, is it recommended I also Rebuild Database, or is that just overkill? Thanks.

A Rebuild Database is generally for troubleshooting, or a general overhaul. Read this: … -database/

So I have the same or similar problem. When I run verify and repair I get 3 errors for missing items. I can’t run the data export for back up purposes because I get an error message that says the db is damaged. I think it has to do with these missing files? How do I fix? Do I rebuild (not even sure what that means). I clicked the link you sent to previous poster with this problem. However, since the post dates back several years, I have no idea what I am looking for because when clicked it takes me to more recent activity on the blog.

Handling missing files is covered in the Help > Documentation > Troubleshooting > Repairing a defective database > Missing Files.

Rebuilding a database exports and reimports the contents of a database, purging missing files, and rewriting the index as well. This is generally used in more specific troubleshooting situations. I wouldn’t use it just to clean up three missing files.

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Got it. Worked. Thanks!!!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: