Version 1.5

Congratulations on the all-new DevonAgent 1.5! Feels like a new piece of software, and I just started re-using it (and exploring all the modules and scanners, not to speak of schedules). The interface is much more convenient, and as a matter of fact, this is a key.

The browser alone is very well implemented, very focussed on getting things done (including a lovely fullscreen view). IMHO the DA browser does implement what Omingroup’s Omniweb aims at. A true research tool.

Integration with DT is much more intuitive (even though I miss “Add to DT as RTF”, besides PDF, HTML, selection and URL, because RTF is my favourite format within DT).

In a nutshell - great work.



thank you for the encouraging feedback :wink: However, “Add to DT as RTF” is still there - just use “DEVONthink > Add selection”. If there’s no selection in the current browser, then DA will add the whole page as a RTF to DT.

Is it possible to export the results of a Devon Agent search into a specific folder in Devon Think? I have a number of closely related searches that automatic classifying won’t quite get. Whenever I import, the pages end up at the top group level. This isn’t convenient when your searches are revealing close to a thousand documents.



the next release of DEVONthink (1.9.3) will use the destination for notes (see Preferences > Import) also for contents added by DEVONagent. In addition, version 1.7 of DEVONagent will probably provide the possibility to store contents into any group.