Version 3.0.1 - Questions

  1. Added keyboard navigation to the sidebar so that you can more quickly browse through databases, expand or collapse groups, or jump to a group simply by typing the first characters of its name.

Q: How specifically do I use keyboard navigation? Unless I misunderstood database navigation. I highlight a database and then I can navigate the folders in the database using the keyboard or is this supposed to extend to database (names) navigation?

  1. Summon the Sorter in search mode with a new keyboard shortcut.

Q: Where is this shortcut set? I don’t see it in the Sorter section of preferences.

Perhaps you know this already, but you can also navigate to add tags (⌃Return), to add metadata (⌃1), cycle between panes (⌥Tab), and so forth.

Good question.

In Preferences > Sorter of version 3.0.2: