Version 3.5 is out with a lot of good stuff!

A new MD editor and a global CSS for rendering MD as HTML, which makes it possible to have MD documents in rendered view appear the same as on the Mac.


Sounds really good! Kudos to @eboehnisch and the team! That’s an impressive list of fixes and updates. Also thanks for implementing the ‘default zoom’ for PDF pages

Here’s to also hoping custom JS just as on macOS will be possible in the future!


One can always hope… But I wouldn’t hold my breath: JS in DT on macOS relies on the scripting infrastructure that’s available on macOS and awol on iOS. So they’d have to write a while API from scratch in DTTG. I don’t see that happening in the near future (read:y lifetime).

On the contrary I think, it’s a feature of any WKWebView or UIWebView (which I presume DTTG is using underneath - @eboehnisch?). See e.g. ios - Inject Javascript into Webview - Swift - Stack Overflow - it would be mostly a design decision whether enabling that is wanted.

EDIT: a I see what you were probably referring too: JXA. But I mean just ‘plain’ JS to be injected into a rendered view of Markdown, as is possible in the macOS app now with the ‘custom JS’ setting with markdown.

Yes, it would be possible to add custom JS too. We just started with CSS and wanted to see what the feedback would be :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re right on both accounts: I was thinking about JXA, ie scripting DTTG. And injecting JS into MD should already be possible with a script element. Having a global property for that is of course preferable.

Ditto - thankyou to all at DT.

Enjoying the new markdown editor. The custom CSS makes my notes a pleasure to read and the 3 column view is really good.

Really appreciate all your hard work on this. Great job! :smile: :clap: :champagne:


Thanks for this! The custom CSS for Markdown rendering it a great feature. I also really appreciate the new Markdown editor. Is there any possibility of setting a custom font for the Markdown editor as well? I was able to change it for the render/preview in CSS. Thanks!

Welcome @somelinguist

Thanks for the nice comments.
The font for the plain text editing isn’t user-definable.

Thanks for the info. Do you think it would be a possible feature to add in a future release? As it is now, I tend to edit plain text documents in my databases with an external editor on iPad mostly because being able to edit with my preferred font helps be not to be as distracted. :slight_smile:

I can’t make any promises but the request is noted.



Since the update today sync is broken - in iOS get msg that I need to verify and repair DB but I don’t see a way to do that in iOS. On Mac, DB verify is fine but it won’t sync locally or via CloudKit to iOS because of error message getting in iOS. Any ideas?

I just wanted to add my applause and a standing ovation for the new Markdown editor in DTTG 3.5! I had no reasonable expectation that this would be coming in a point update. I would have expected such a massive improvement in DTTG 4.

Thank you!!!


Welcome @Sman

This thread is a congratulatory thread from our clients, not a place for reporting such errors. In fact, that type of inquiry should be directed to our support ticket system.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

Blessings to all at DT…without this product, I would be lost.

Kudos for all the updates, upgrades and improvements.

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :tada:


Terrific update. Applause and thank you.


The new editor rocks! Thanks a lot!


This update is terrific! Finally I’m able to use this css (GitHub - sivan/devonthink-heti: 基于赫蹏为 DEVONthink 的 Markdown 和 RSS 阅读器制作的样式,支持黑暗模式、中英文混排、标点挤压等排版优化。) on DTTG, it looks great after some minor changes.


Hi, very nice updates to both apps, thank you.

I am able to use the editor in DTTG to create tables in Markdown format, however, in DT 3.8.3 the table icon stays disabled / in grey.

Am I doing something wrong?.