Versions support in Lion

Hi Guys!

Is there any plans to add versions support in Lion for DTP?


Thanks, korm!

But if I edit document inside DTP, that is still a problem as far as Lion’s versions feature is concerned. Is it not?

Opening documents in external applications is a workaround. I was wondering if there is a plan to build versioning support into DTP. Although, it looks as if versioning information is not accessible outside of application that created the document.

When it comes to plain text or RTF I tend to create it in DTP while working on a project.
My workflow would be something like this:

  • Create a project from template
  • Start populating documents while inside DTP
  • Drag research bits into folders via Sorter or clipping from Safari

So, if I have to open text or RTF documents externally in TextEdit, for example, it’s not fatal, but inconvenient.

Meanwhile I was thinking to maybe change the workflow a bit and export project folder into file system altogether and then use subversion, but that sounds a bit back to old days. I was trying to train myself not to leave DTP and now I’m looking to escape from it to get the versioning working :confused:

Hmm… Think about it more I must.

Isn’t the text editor in DTPO TextEdit with the DTPO GUI?

It’s a little more complicated than that. TextEdit is an (open-source) application created as a wrapper around the system text/rich text handling functionality available in OS X.

DT(P(O))/DN wrap the same functionality, but there are some features that TE supports and D* doesn’t (nothing comes to mind), and vice versa (wiki links, which don’t make sense for TE).

I’m not sure of where precisely Versions is implemented in TextEdit, but I’m fairly confident that it’s implemented in the document handling code and not in the text support code… in which case, D* wouldn’t be given access to that code simply by implementing the text handling capabilities.